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Innovative Sports Experience

Track every game

Whether you’re playing pickup games with friends or competing in a league, Gametime Hockey allows you to track every game, anytime.

Track all your games and stats, visualize your personal/team performances and see your evolution throughout your career.

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Socialize with your fans, teammates and friends.

The newsfeed section allows you to share all your hockey achievements and interact with your fans.

Easily access photos and videos captured live during a game, all your stats and final game scores. Comment on your friend’s posts and give them a cheer in approbation of a good game performance.

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Follow your teammates, family members or friends

Compare your stats with your teammates and friends.

Access the profile and season stats of the players you are following in the roster section. Easily search for friends directly in Gametime Hockey and invite others to be part of the fun!

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All games, neatly organized in the calendar

Easily add game reminders, with geolocation and future team matchups.

Use the calendar to keep a log of all your performances, and quickly browse through all your past games. Access all final game scores, personal stats, game location and past opponents.

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Sync your league stats.

- Coming this fall

Sync data from your league’s website directly into Gametime Hockey.

Receive your league stats, final game score and game reminders directly into our free mobile app. Access team standings and follow other teams in your division.

Contact us for more information or to sync your league with our mobile app.


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